Real Estate Postcard Ideas and Canva Templates for Realtors

We Sell Real Estate EDDM Postcard Canva Editable Template (1)

If you are a realtor looking for inspiration on how to create impactful postcards to promote your listings or services, you have come to the right place! With the help of Canva templates, you can easily design custom real estate postcard ideas that reflect your branding, highlight your key selling points, and catch the eye of potential buyers or sellers.

Whether you specialize in luxury homes, commercial properties, or first-time homebuyers, you can find a variety of real estate postcard ideas that suit your needs. Some popular themes include open house invitations, just-sold announcements, market updates, and holiday greetings. With Canvas’s user-friendly interface, you can add your images, texts, and filters to personalize your postcards and make them stand out from the crowd.

Ready to get started? Browse our collection of real estate postcard designs, select the ones that resonate with your audience, and customize them to fit your style and message. Happy designing!

We Sell Properties Real Estate Postcard Design

We Sell Real Estate EDDM Postcard Canva Editable Template

This eddm showcases Red, Blue, and White color combinations. They sell all kinds of properties. At the back, there are pictures of recently sold houses and ways to sell houses with their company.

Real Estate Direct Mail Eddm Postcard Designs

Real Estate Postcard for Selling a Home

Real Estate Co Branding EDDM Mailer Postcard Canva template Preview

This highly customizable template is designed to showcase the best features of any property, with high-quality images and a professional layout that captures the attention of potential buyers.

EDDM Real Estate Postcards Collection

Real Estate EDDM Mailer with Google Review Design

Real Estate Review Postcard Design

This has a pretty postcard that shows off your business. It also has a good space for reviews from Google. These good reviews will make people feel secure picking you as their real estate agent.

EDDM Real Estate Postcards

Open House EDDM with Property Description

Open House Postcard

Our design is modern and looks great. We have clear photos of the property, and all the important information is easy to find: the price, how big it is, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. It’s all there!

Real Estate Agent Postcard Canva Templates

Best Real Estate Postcard with Service Listing Fee

Real Estate Seller Postcard EDDM Cover

This postcard combines the power of a traditional postcard with a service listing fee, allowing you to advertise your real estate services while providing potential clients with valuable information.

Real Estate Postcards Direct Mail

Real Estate Agent Postcard Ideas

Just Listed EDDM Mailer Design front

The template features a clean and modern design, with ample space for property images, agent headshots, and detailed property information. The template is easy to personalize with Canvas user-friendly design software.

Postcards for Real Estate Marketing



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