EDDM Examples: 5+ Direct Mail Designs Usable for Any Small Business

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Explore Our EDDM Examples: Over 5+ Direct Mail Designs That Any Small Business Can Utilize for Optimal Marketing Impact!

1. Direct Mail For Home Service Providers

This direct mail is a good example for home service providers. This EDDM was designed for roofing service providers. However, it can be used by all service providers like plumbers, electrical technicians, realtor, home cleaners, junk removers, etc.


Model images can be easily replaced, and the background image can be replaced based on the service type. The bold headline and coupons can be easily modified to fit any business.

Direct Mail Example for Home Service Providers

2. Google Review Request Direct Mail

This direct mail is usable for almost all small buinesse. This postcard can be sent to the service takers after availing any service. This direct mail has instructions and QR code to find their Google business listing on Google Maps and leave a review. This postcard has an offer the reviewer will receive after leaving an honest review. 

Google review request postcard with coupon code

3. Direct Mail Featuring Starting Price for Service Packages

This direct mail is expertly crafted to showcase a wide variety of service packages and their starting prices, giving you all the information a customer needs in one easy-to-read format. It was designed for a solar cleaning company but serves as a good example for all local service providers looking to attract customers with competitive package prices.

Direct mail with starting price for different packages

4. Clean and Hearth Melting Photo Featuring Direct Mail

This style of direct mail is really effective. It features a large image that creates emotion, while a good headline gives it perfection. Its clean style has a rounded coupon code and bold contact number, and the backside provides detailed information about the services and a list of services. It’s perfect for care-related business industries like medical, home care, senior care, elder care, dentistry, etc.

Photo featuring direct mail eddm template

5. Direct Mail Featuring Service List with Related Photos

Enhance Your Direct Mail Marketing with a Service List and Stunning Related Photos. You can replace the model with service-related images. This postcard is highly effective in promoting a business interested in introducing its services to the neighborhood. On the back side of this direct mail, it includes business opening hours, a map, discount coupons, and photos, among other features.

direct mail featuring service list with related photos



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