Top 3 Canva Door Hanger Printers + 10 Expert Tips

4.25x11 Door Hanger Printers

Looking for top-notch Canva Door Hanger Printers to handle your Canva 4.25×11 inch door hanger printing needs?

We want to help you with a list of the top online printer options! These companies offer exceptional quality, fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing to ensure you get the best results possible. 

If you purchase door hanger templates from our website and are wondering where to get them printed, simply make the necessary edits and export a PDF file for printing. Once you have the print-ready PDF file, choose one of the printers below to print your door hanger.

PS Print Solutions

You can print 4.25×11 inch door hangers from PS Print Solutions. They offer online ordering and affordable pricing. From the ‘size’ dropdown menu, select 4.25×11 and for paper, you can choose standard paper, which is 14pt Gloss Cover. For the ‘sides printed’ option, you can choose 4×4 for double-sided printing.

PS Print Solutions

Americas Printer

You can print 4.25×11 inch door hangers from America’s Printers. They not only provide standard door hangers, but they also offer six other custom die-cut door hangers, including key shapes, hour glass shapes, double bullet shapes, picture frame shape, single bullet shapes, and triple circle shape. This website has a very user-friendly interface, so you can order door hangers without any confusion. If you want both sides color printing, you have to choose 4/4 in the “Print Color Way” option.

Americas Printer

Conquest Graphics

Richmond, VA based printing company providing printing service since 1922. They offer live chat for discussion. 

  • Full-color door hanger printing
  • High-quality, thick 14pt C2S paper
  • Single and double-sided printing
  • Durable UV coating available

Before printing a door hanger, consider the following:

1. Design and Message

Ensure the design is eye-catching and the message is clear and concise. Learn more from these door hanger design tips

2. Target Audience

 Tailor the content to appeal to the specific demographic or neighborhood where the door hanger will be distributed.

3. Call to Action

 Include a strong call to action that prompts the reader to take a specific next step (e.g., discount offer, coupon code, free quote).

4. Contact Information

 Make sure your contact details are prominently displayed and easy to find.

5. Printing Quality

Choose a reputable printer and ensure the door hanger is printed on durable material suitable for outdoor exposure. We have listed 3 recommended printers above. 

6. Distribution Strategy

 Plan how and where you will distribute the door hangers effectively to reach your intended audience.

7. Compliance

 Check local regulations regarding door hanger distribution to avoid any legal issues.

8. Timing

Consider the best time to distribute the door hanger to maximize its impact (e.g., weekends, evenings).

9. Feedback and Testing

If possible, gather feedback or test the effectiveness of the door hanger design before printing in bulk.

10. Budget

 Keep your budget in mind and ensure that printing and distribution costs align with your marketing goals. You can save the cost of hiring a designer by using one of our door hanger templates and editing on Canva to export print-ready PDF files. 

Can I print door hangers on Canva?

At the moment you can’t print door hangers directly on canva, how ever you can design door hangers on canva and export print ready PDF files to print them on the printers listed above. 

The standard dimensions for a door hanger brochure are 4.25 x 11 inches, which is equivalent to half the size of letter-sized paper. 

Yes, you can design door hangers on canva. You have to design using custom art sizes or use one of the templates on this page

You can use one of the printers listed above including: PS Print Solutions, Americas Printer & Conquest Graphics. 

Typically measuring 4.25 × 11 inches, standard-size door hangers are an excellent choice for incorporating graphics or written messages. They offer generous space to include intricate details, making them the perfect medium for businesses and individuals seeking an attention-grabbing format to convey their message effectively.



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