Door Hanger Design Ideas: Design Templates and Strategies

Snow Removal Door Hanger Design

Door hanger templates in Canva are the perfect tool for anyone looking to effectively promote their products, services, or events. With an intuitive interface, easy-to-use design tools, and a vast library of customizable templates to choose from, you can create eye-catching and professional door hanger designs in just a few clicks. 


From colors to fonts and images, there are endless design possibilities to create a door hanger that perfectly represents your brand and message.

Achieve Fitness Gym Door Hanger Template Canva

Fitness Review Door Hanger

This door hanger has a black background and a picture of a fit man on it. If you work out at the gym, you can get amazing results for your body. Right now, if you become a member, you can get 50% off. On the back, there is space for contact information and a rating system.

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Floyd's 99 barbershop Door Hanger Design

Barber Shop Door Hanger Design

This barber shop looks great and attracts new customers. The pictures show a barber cutting hair on both sides. One side has a discount code, including one for $25 off. The back of the card shows a map of where the shop is.

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Quick Quack Car Wash Doorknob Template Design

Car Wash Door Hanger Design

This door hanger is super cool! It has pictures of a man washing a car by hand, which is what we do at our car wash. There are two parts to the hanger. The first part has four coupon codes with different prices for our services. The second part is the same as the first.

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Solar Exterior Lighting Door Hanger Design

Solar Door Hanger Design Canva Template

This door hanger is amazing. On the front, it says “Have the Electric Company Start Paying You Back!” and on the back, it explains why you should choose Sunlight Power for solar energy.

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Political Identities Door Hanger Template Canva

Political Election Voting Door Hanger Design Canva template P1

This template can help you look professional during your political campaign, whether it’s for a small or big position. You can use it for events and gatherings to connect with voters and get your message across.

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Real Estate Property Resource Door Hanger Design

Real Estate Buyer Door Hanger Template

You can easily create door hangers with your logo, contact information, and pictures of the houses you are selling. The colors and design of the door hangers are very attractive and will get noticed. It’s useful to distribute them in areas with lots of “For Sale” signs.

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Comfortable Dental Doorknob Template Design

Dental Coupon Door Hanger Design

The color of this door hanger is awesome and grabs the attention of potential clients. The front part displays the doctor’s image and three coupon codes, one of which is for a free offer. The back part emphasizes that all dental needs can be met under one roof.

More Metlife Dental Door Hanger Templates

A Plus Tutoring Doorknob Design Layout

Advantage Tutoring Door Hanger Design

This tutoring door hanger design is awesome. The first part shows that they offer three types of services. The back part provides detailed information about the subjects and services they provide. Additionally, they have a space that describes their success in the tutoring industry, helping you receive accurate and proper information.

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