12+ USPS Postcard Template Download 2020

in EDDM on January 16, 2020

USPS Postcard Template for Agency or Individual

Even though this USPS postcard is designed for a digital SEO and web development agency this postcard can be customized for any kind of agency or individual service provider. This can be used for ISP, Electronics Engineer, Handy Man, Plumber, Cleaning service, home organizer, etc. You have a feature and characteristics options on the front side and pricing table on the backside. YOu can use this pricing package postcard design for monthly or weekly service package promotions. This is designed as a Zambo size standard postcard but can be customized as EDDM in no time. This USPS postcard size is 11×6 in.

USPS Postcard Template for Agency or Individual

Plumbing Advertisement USPS Postcard Template


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