Real Estate Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Templates for Realtors

Get EDDM real estate postcards for Every Door Direct Mail marketing. Our templates contain standard content for all your marketing needs, making it easier for you to advertise your business goals. You can find specific designs for various campaigns such as just sold, just listed, for rent, for sale, open house, and more. And to make things even easier, you can effortlessly edit them online with our user-friendly Canva format.

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Why Choose Our Templates to Design EDDM Real Estate Postcards?

These are the top five reasons to get the most out of your EDDM real estate postcard marketing campaign with our professionally designed templates.

  1. Our templates are online editable and can be customized by not techy people.
  2. Our templates are USPS compliant, so these are good for every door direct mail eddm campaign.
  3. Our templates are designed by small business marketing materials experts and are designed using real-life use cases.
  4. Our template has great CTA like free listing offers, Market Price updates, home financing, free consultation, etc.
  5. Cluter-free modern eye-catching real estate marketing design style, the reader will have a positive vibe.
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