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Direct Mail (EDDM) – Everything You Need To Know

Direct Mail EDDM is a service that allows local business to reach out to communities and households close to them by sending them a mail at a reasonable prize or a Coupon Code using the zip code from that particular area. It’s the best marketing tool for small business owner. You can get up to 30% more sales by running an eddm campaign. 

EDDM is the absolutely best tool for business and the business that open a new branch. You can send eddm to all post box in 5-10 mile radius or so on. That will make your store/product popular in the local area.

How do you find a Direct Mail Design or a Designer?

You can find eddm design service in Fiverr as well as you can hire a designer from Upwork. However, I do have experiences or 3 years and I’ve designed more than 200 eddm, and my clients are very happy with my services. They contact me every time they need a Postcard or any other marketing tools.

How Print and Handle Sending Direct Mail EDDM?

The mail sent by the organizations have to be in a particular size and formatting determined by the EDDM USPS rules. The EDDM USPS also determines the mailing list specs, mail preparation, and post office delivery. 

Hew is few cheapest EDDM printer website URL:



How do you know if EDDM is wold be suitable for your business?

Before you join EDDM, it is best to consider what your business is going to benefit from it. You can weigh your benefits based on your target market and their background including their gender, race, the level of income and their standard of living.

What Type of Business is Best Fit for Every Door Direct Mail?

The following business can benefit greatly from EDDM, but not limited to this business, any business can run EDDM campaign. 

  • Restaurants
  • General retail stores
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Churches
  • Auto repair shops
  • Gyms
  • Car washes
  • Spa / Beauty Parler 
  • House Cleaning Service
  • Home Renovation Sevice
  • Real Estate Business
  • Painting, Interior / Exterior Service

How much is the Cost difference in EDDM and Standard Postcard?

There is not much of a difference in savings between EDDM and standard-sized postcard mailing for some businesses and this can be justified by the mode of business and industry. There is about 3 cents worth of savings on EDDM than the first class postcard and about 7 cents more on the standard sized letters. With EDDM postcards, you can be able to mail packages that are more attractive and appealing to the people that you are sending the mail to. But you should always compare the proposed packages before making a decision.


Few Note and Benefits about EDDM 

EDDM postcard sizes:

There are specific rules that must be applied to the sizing of the EDDM postcards. The sizes vary and they can be very complex but you can decrease the size of the template for the cost effective printing.


Choosing an EDDM printer:

To see and receive some savings, you need to buy an effective EDDM printer and employ an operator who can print postcards at a minimal cost. For the best-looking postcards, you should use 12 or 14pt card stock and top it off with UV lamination on one side.


Getting your mailing list:

 You can do this the easy way or the long way. The easy way is getting the list from your computer characterized by the targeted zip code. The way is using the USPS website to access the zip code of your target audience.


Preparing your EDDM mail postcards:

To save yourself the headache of hard labor and too much administration. You should find an EDDM mailer who will bundle and deliver your postcards to the USPS and even ship them to the different cities and states that you have marketed.


You can track your EDDM response:

To know and to understand the return on your investment you should use the best technology to see and measure the response that you receive from your target audience.


With all this being said we encourage you to look at the great opportunities offered by EDDM and if you want to know more, you can contact us and we will not hesitate to help you. 

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